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Here we are trying to establish an online Kyrgyzstan resource page. We’ll start with links to things we like and see where it leads us.

Videos, articles, photos on this page are not our own. We are not trying to advertise here, we just want to show cool people doing cool stuff in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

If you have suggestions, something to contribute, or see something of yours here; please contact us on info@tengriexpeditions.com


Kyrgyz Association of Tour Operators

Community Based Tourism


Spektator Magazine

A satirical Bishkek based magazine written by expats for expats.


Central Asian English News website


World news site which covers Central Asia


Independent Travel site specialising in Central Asia

Illegal Vodka Pumped into K-Stan through Giant Pipe



Our 2015 Running Edit – Get your trail on!


Home of the Horselords

The Way of the Shepherd BBC Article

Something about Men and Horses

Photo essay about horses.


The Kyrgyzstan Project

 Rock Climber Tommy Caldwell – Outside Magazine

In 2000, four American rock climbers were taken captive by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, while big wall climbing in the south of Kyrgyzstan. Epic story covered by Greg Childs. Also see book by same author; “Over the Edge.”


Ride The Planet  Kyrgyzstan!

A Russian team carve up some K-stan whitewater. They also have a stack of other paddle and big mountain ski vids on their site.


Tienshan – A Kyrgyz Ski Adventure

Four Austrian friends, challenged by the snow pack, cruise the Tienshan looking for the perfect line.

A Journey Through the Celestial Mountains

An intrepid Malaysian traveller skins his way across Kyrgyz winter solo

 Jalpak Tash – A Kyrgyzstan Epic

Some Northface Skiers ride out of a back country yurt camp near Karakol

Renegades Out of Bounds

Renegades OB

Article about Aust/Brit/Kiwi team skied K-stan March 2014.

Renegades OB

Ski Postcard from K-stan by one of the Renegades OB

Renegades OB – Coming in Hot – 2014 Skiing Edit

Fresh Guides

Heli-Ski/Board film from Australian/Kiwi team

Heli Ski Article BBC



Tienshan Glaciers Project

A great site by Ann Piersall, an American Ski-Mountaineer who lived in K-Stan 2009-2010. Articles, links, info on ski touring, mountaineering, avalanches etc…

Alpine Fund

A volunteer organistaion set up by mountaineer Garth Willis to help orphaned kids in Bishkek. The site has good info on climbing regions on K-stan.


An absolutely beautiful film about a family mountaineering expedition, seen and narrated through the eyes of a child. German with english subs.

Khan Tengri – Ed Farelly Solo 2014

Solo attempt on Khan Tengri by young British Mountaineer.


The Road from Karakol

Solo bike/mountaineering across K-stan by Kyle Dempster. “360 Degrees of Rad!”

Bikexpedition Kyrgyzstan

Son Kul – Technical Freeride Central Asia.

Summer 2015 – Thomas Holzknecht rock hops his way around Kyrgyzstan. Amazingly technical riding.

Once upon a time in Kyrgyzstan.

Tito Tomasi from France does some solo single trail rides across the Tienshan.




Deep into the Dreamworld of Kygryzstan: NY Times

Fall and Winter 2014-15

Pearl of Central Asia

Meet the Stans: Simon Reeve travel documentary