Kyrgyzstan is amazing in that there are plenty of places where you can walk – yes just walk – above 4000 metres with no technical experience, ropes or climbing gear required, and not a soul around. You just find a hill and go for it. Grass, scree,  moraine, sometimes light snow. Trekking peaks are usually between 3500-4500 meters above sea level. Anything higher requires mountaineering. Some peaks might be unclimbed, others not, but it’s not about peak bagging, it’s about getting high and enjoying a walk in clean, thin air.

Expeditions are tailor prepared for pre-existing groups, we don’t yet offer set departure dates for independent travellers. We can however cater to small groups.

Trekking Peaks have three basic structures:

Essentially a trek, we transport to a start point and set out to a different end point, pass hopping and climbing peaks along the way, setting different camps as we go. Which peaks we attempt, and how many will be different every trip – depending on route, group skill level, fitness, and conditions. These trips are trekking style and self supported.

We set a base camp and go out on daily or overnight missions to different peaks, ridge lines in the area.

A combination of Expedition and Base Camp. We can trek for a few days before spending a couple of days in one area, allowing day treks or rest; or we can set an initial base camp before exploring an area and then moving on to set up a new base camp.

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