“Run Forest, run.”

The geography of Kyrgyzstan lends itself to amazing opportunities for running across relatively flat, non-technical terrain at mid to high altitudes.

The Tienshan mountains feature hundreds of open valleys, known as Jailoos, from 2500 – 3500 metres above sea level. The valleys are traditionally grazed and used for summer yurt encampments. Surrounding these valleys are often rolling, non technical peaks swarming with goat tracks, soft passes and ridgelines which beg to be explored. Passes, ridge lines and peaks are often in the vicinity of 4000 – 4500 metres. Above around 4000, terrain often requires more rock hopping or scrambling – below this it can be grass, scree or dirt.

Expeditions can be built to suit all levels, from weekend warriors who want to push themselves but still enjoy a couple of drinks at night; to tougher runners who want to see what they’re made of; to semi professional athletes or adventure racers who want something hardcore.

Check out this short running vid from 2015 to get an idea of whats possible…

Running Expeditions have three basic structures:

Journey style, transported to a start point and running a set route to a new camp each night. Either pack animal or vehicle support.

Set a base camp in one spot and do return runs to the same camp each night. Exploring one area in greater depth.

A combination of Expedition and Base Camp. Either journey style with a couple of base camp days thrown in giving the option to rest or do a circular run. Or day running from one base camp for a period of days before running/transporting to a new site and setting up again.

We don’t run set departure dates, we tailor make programs for pre-existing groups.

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